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  • Understanding data confidentiality

    Organisations have different requirements for protecting data confidentiality, privacy, and security. A newly-released report documents best practice principles for technical experts and managers who supply and use data in New Zealand

    By Claire Lord on 17 Oct 2018
  • Statistics Act review - join the conversation

    1975. The Corolla ruled, mix tapes were a ‘thing’ and the Stats Act became law. How things change! Actually… the legislation hardly has. It doesn’t even feature the word ‘data’. Far-out!

    By Claire Lord on 5 Oct 2018
  • Data Summit'18 - it's a wrap!

    More than 250 data warriors, policy peeps, and those from across government, NGOs, business, and academia who want to know more about data, gathered in Wellington to talk data ethics.

    By Claire Lord on 1 Oct 2018