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There is a hive of open data information and communities online to help you upskill and become part of driving innovation and transparency through the release and reuse of data.

New Zealand forums

Share your ideas and thoughts by joining the open data discussion forums (hosted on other websites):

  • Code for Aotearoa is New Zealand’s own version of the global Code for All network.
  • GovHack NZ is the largest Australasian annual hackathon, which brings tech folks and government data together for 48 hours and results in hundreds of innovative projects each year.
  • Open Government Ninjas is an online discussion wiki for those who are working on open government projects or in the open data space in general.
  • Open Civic Directory is a great place to find like-minded people and organisations in the civic tech space.
  • NZ Govt Web Toolkit is a toolkit that provides standards, guidance, tips and strategic advice to those working on government sites. It includes plenty of good information.
  • Result 9 Accelerator is one of the New Zealand government’s Better Public Services result areas. Its goal is to make it easier for businesses to interact with government. Teams have three months to dive deep into their 'opportunity areas', understand the problems and identify solutions that will meet the customer's needs.
  • Open Data NZ Meetup is a meetup group for open data enthusiasts who are keen to learn more about how open data contributes to NZ’s social and economic fabric. Events include opportunities to share information, build wider networks and hear how others are achieving success using open data.

International forums

  • Code for All is an international network of organisations who believe that digital technology opens up new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.
  • The Open Data Institute aims to equip, connect and inspire people around the world to innovate with data, and features an informative blog, training modules and online tools.
  • The World Bank Open Government Toolkit is a collection of online tools and knowledge which provides guidance to governments to support them in creating their own open data strategies and platforms.
  • The Open Data Policy Guidelines by the Sunlight Foundation are a living set of open data guidelines to address what data should be public, how to make data public and how to implement policy.
  • The Open Data Charter Resource Centre brings together the best open data resources from around the globe.