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Check out our toolkit to learn about open data, its benefits, practical guidance and open data initiatives in New Zealand.

What is open data?

What is open data all about? Find out what defines open data and open government data.

Learn more about open data

These online courses and resources will help you explore open data, how to use it and how to open up your data.

Open data in New Zealand

Learn about the New Zealand government agencies and initiatives supporting open data, how to license datasets, and New Zealand government policies, principles and commitments in relation to open data.

Preparing your data (checklist)

A helpful checklist to use when publishing your datasets on

What metadata should I include with my dataset?

Metadata describes your dataset to others in a standardised way. Having good quality metadata helps people discover and use your dataset.

[Video] Adding datasets to

Learn how to prepare machine readable CSV files and publish a listing to them on the open data portal.

How do I add or update our Chief Executive expenses?

Agencies may now opt to disclose their Chief Executive Expenses annually on Find out how to add or update your agencies CE expense data. 

How to correctly enter your open licence in ArcGIS Online

This walkthrough will help you correctly set up Creative Commons licenses for your data layers in ArcGIS Online open data portal. Setting licenses correctly here flows through to when you make use of automated harvesting.